Find your FIT

We celebrate uniqueness. We all have different strengths and our bodies and minds respond differently to similar situations. So why are we always trying to do the same fitness program our friend is doing? 

FIT is launching a custom way to think about how you exercise and eat. Our studio has always taken a more personalized approach to fitness and now we are matching your fitness persona with custom fitness options , and nutritional plans that match your lifestyle.

Fitness Inspired Training has created a unique approach to long-term health & overall wellness called FIND YOUR F.I.T.  Using our innovative fitness personality test, F.I.T. helps you discover your unique fitness persona.

Once we have identified your fitness persona we then create a customized fitness program that includes the types of exercise and styles of classes that match your personality, lifestyle and goals. We include a nutritional recommendation, however if you have an eating routine that works for you, we recommend sticking with that approach. Each program is designed to keep people fit and healthy for the long term. We have varied class styles to match your personality and goals plus several payment options to match your budget.