What is your why?

Fitness Inspired Training wants to know what motivates you. For some it’s about being healthy for their sport, their family, a specific goal. Take a peek at some our F.I.T. House friends in action, and discover what their why is.

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My why is simple: building my strength affords me the opportunity to enjoy the activities I love - tennis, TRX, yoga and barre.
— Linda Parkins (3 years)
I do it for my kids. To lead by example.
— Kat Chrzanowski (4 years)
Jeans. Bathing suits. Bring em’ on.
— Lisa Chafe (4 years)
I feel great. I am lean, strong, healthy, and more confident. I can’t believe this is my body.
— Allison Moir Smith (4 years)