Live F.I.T. 

Our approach to lifestyle weight management is simple balance & moderation. However, like our fitness philosophy, we also believe that meal plans should be customized to match both your persona and your lifestyle. Choose from the list of some of our successful meal plans, or we can customize one for you.

All Meal Plans:  $150  (Customize:  $200)

  • Quick F.I.T.  /  Our 14 day eating challenge that affords you the opportunity to eat WHOLE foods while keeping your daily calorie count to under 1200
  • EAT F.I.T.  /  This is your handbook for life. Does not include actual meals but instead all the tips, tricks and fundamentals of eating F.I.T. for life
  • Simply F.I.T.  /  Eating healthy can be simple. It’s about finding balance in every meal while including foods that work for you as an individual. This plan eliminates foods typically associated with weight gain, bloating and inflammation.
  • Belly F.I.T.  /  If you are carrying extra weight around the mid-section, this 1 week trial is perfect. It eliminates a lot of the foods associated with weight gain in your belly. Typically recommend this for someone who wants a custom plan. You do this first to give us a sense of what is impacting your metabolism.

If you are interested in learning more about our lifestyle weight management programs, please email