F.I.T. Kids

Sport Specific Training

We love our student athletes!  Helping them uncover their potential through targeted exercises that will benefit them on a field, in a pool or on a track is very rewarding. 

Some inspiring words from our past and present athletes:

“I started training at F.I.T. House with my lacrosse team. After the loss of my dad, F.I.T. became part of my extended  family. They helped me find the good both in myself and my abilities. Emily has a unique way of blending coach/motivator/support system. The training program she developed left me feeling prepared and ready to enter my pre season for college field hockey."  -  Jenny Beardsley, Assumption College
“The F.I.T. House pre season training is tougher than the tryout!!!!”  -  Girls Soccer, 2018
"Our team needed help getting connected both physically and mentally. The F.I.T. House helped us find our focus, develop a team strategy, and feel physically stronger for the season."  -  Summer Burroughs, Soccer Captain 2017 & 2018


If you have a child or a team that is looking for some sport specific training, then F.I.T. is the perfect find. The majority of our programs are designed to help our athletes pre-season. We have a variety of trainers who are experts in each sport and focus on delivering the most comprehensive workouts for each athlete. 

Sport Specific Training:  $150 per student

  • 8 week program / meet 2-3x a week (depending on the sport)
  • Includes weekly athlete updates and end of training highlights
  • At least 5 participants needed to be considered sport specific training

To coordinate a sport specific training program, please contact us at trainwithfit@gmail.com.

Kids Combine

Programing that builds upon each child's strengths, and helps to develop their areas of weakness.

Finding fitness for kids can be challenging. F.I.T. created a unique program which helps kids understand their fitness level through customized workouts.  This program is best when done with a group of peers. We start this program for girls and boys entering 6th grade. 

Group Plan:  $150 per student

  • Initial assessment
  • 1 month of training / meet 2x a week
  • Follow up plan

Individual Plan:  $280

  • Initial assessment
  • 1 month of training / meet 2x a week
  • Follow up plan

To coordinate a group program or sign up for an individual plan, please contact us at trainwithfit@gmail.com.

Kids Eat F.I.T.

Lifestyle Weight Management Plan

Nutrition plans can be added for your child for a separate fee. Child must be over 13 years of age. 

For more information, please contact us at trainwithfit@gmail.com